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Samuel Clarke (1675-1729)

English, Male

  • A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God (1705)
  • A Discourse on the Unchangeable Obligations of Natural Religion (1706)
  • Letters to Mr Dodwell, with Clarke's Defences and Collin's Answers (1706, 1707, 1708)
  • The Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity (1712)
  • Three Letters to Dr Clarke, from a Clergyman of the Church of England; Concerning his Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity, with the Doctor's Replies (1714)
  • Several Letters to the Reverend Dr. Clarke, from a Gentleman in Gloucestershire; with the Dr's Answers Thereunto (1716)
  • Remarks upon a Book Entituled, A Philosphical Enquiry concerning Human Liberty (1717)
  • Seventeen Sermons on Several Occasions (1724)