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There are currently 54 authors in the library (45 male and 9 female). We have drawn up a list of desired works for each author, which you can view by clicking on the author's name below. So far we have imported 21 texts out of a total of 223. Note, however, that some of these texts are large multi-volume works, while others are single article-length publications. This rather crude count therefore does not reflect the percentage of actual text we have in our database, a percentage that we will not be able to estimate until we have guaged the relative sizes of the various texts.

So far we have imported texts by Mary Astell, David Hume, Bernard Mandeville, John Norris, and Lord Shaftesbury [Anthony Ashley Cooper].

Please let us know if any text is particularly important to you, and we will do our best to incorporate it sooner rather than later. Please also let us know if we are missing any work that you would like to see included. If you are also able to point us in the direction of a good (and publicly available) digital edition, so much the better.